Exogenous Ketones


What are Exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous ketones are a supplement taken orally. The recommended ketone to use is the ß-hydroxybutyrate (BHB - Beta-hydroxy-butyrate). It has approx 5,4 kcal per gram.

It is a very clean source of energy especially for the brain. It's a quick energy and easily taken up. As you reach the age of 40, your brain's ability to use glucose gradually diminishes and by the age of 60 your brian will lack of energy. There are of course some "lucky" people, who are able to keep fairly alert to a ripe old age. The inability to use glucose as main energy source is regardless of the amount of carbs you eat daily. This may cause any of the neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's (diabetes type 3), Parkinson's MS and others. This is why it's so important to change energy source from carbohydrates to ketones to stop or halt early and quick ageing.

Speed up getting into ketosis (if you have come of age)

Exogenous ketones (ß-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)) can be used to speed up getting you into the state of ketosis. Also MCT oil (Medium-chain triglycerides) as well as fasting. This is not necessary if you are a young person (<35 years of age). However once you are keto adapted there is no need to take these supplements since the liver will happily produce all your body's needs.

Ketones cannot be produced by the liver when insulin levels are high! See insulin index.

When you contact the Clinic we'll go through with you the right way for you. This will depend on your age and personal circumstances such as weight loss and autoimmune disease/s.

Another use to prevent Brain Injury

We have studied the use of ketones/ exogenous ketones for some four years. It is simple to see that the brain's preferred source of energy are ketone bodies.

If you are unlucky to have an accident involving a hard hit on the head, such as concussion, or circumstances which lead to a brain injury (peanut allergy for example) the medical profession should IMMEDIATELY administer exogenous ketones, use a fast for three days, clearly not using glucose as a drip, only a salt solution. Follow up with a ketogenic diet for a period depending on injury. This would make the brain recover much much quicker. In fact we believe it could repair the head/ neurons to such an extent this would not be reached by using existing methods.

This should also be used for babies who get a brain injury at birth. Babies are born in ketosis (as a norm). If glucose drip is used on babies this equals severe damage and of course medical negligence.


Please contact Dominic D'Agostino who is an expert and researcher at http://www.dominicdagostino.com or Twitter https://twitter.com/DominicDAgosti2