Glucagon is your best friend

Glucagon stimulates lipolysis (breaking down of fat) and ketogenesis (production of ketones which is the body's preferred fuel). The opposite to glucagon is insulin. Both are produced by the pancreas. Glucagon is produced by the alpha cells and insulin by the beta cells (except in type 1 diabetes)

  • Glucagon encourages the release of fatty acids
  • Insulin stores fatty acids

As you run low on glucose you also run low on insulin. This sparks the production of glucagon.

Glucagon also encourages gluconeogenesis. Now this is probably confusing for you since glucose after all raises insulin levels. BUT only a small amount is produced, not enough for the insulin to take over. This combination of low insulin, and relatively normal glucagon level causes fat to be released from the fat cells. The fats travel through the blood circulation to reach the liver where they are processed into ketones. You are now in ketosis. Your body, and especially your brain, now have clean and very efficient fuel to burn. This is the healing process you need if you have an autoimmune disease especially a neurological disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


Try and keep insulin levels low at all time in order to encourage glucagon to release fat which will in turn be turned into ketones.