What is Gluco neo genesis?

Gluco glucose Neo new Genesis creation

It's a fantastic way your body can make glukos. Your body needs SOME glucose, 3% of the brain, the retina, and the red bloodcells and a few others. But you don't actually have to eat any sugar/ carbs, your body sorts it for you by producing the exact amount for its needs. Remember that carbs/ sugar are NOT essential for your body. So gluconeogenesis is just that - the creation of new glucose.

The body uses certain amino acids (protein) in order to convert it to glucose. It is important you get these proteins daily, if you don't your body will use your muscles and bones - this is NOT a good idea. We will advice you at the Clinic how much protein you should eat. This will depend on your age, gender and how much you move or don't move.

There is of course a lot more to gluconeogenesis, however above gives you sufficient information regarding your body's ability to create its own glucose.

Also see Glucagon for more information.