Leptin Resistance


What is Leptin Resistance?

Leptin is a hormone which circulates in your blood and it's produced by your fat cells (adipose). It tells the healthy body when you are full and at that stage you simply don't want any more food and leave food on the plate.

It also tells you that you don't want any food even if lunch/ supper is due to be served. For a lot of people this is difficult to imagine, since many can carry on eating even after you are full as well as snack many times a day. Constant eating and snacking is common in today's society. This of course leads to obesity as well as a possible plethora of autoimmune diseases. This is when you become resistant to Leptin. Your brain never gets the message that you are full and should stop eating. As leptin resistance increases so does insulin resistance. Chronic stress is also linked to leptin resistance.

Leptin Resistance can be reversed

Just like insulin resistance can be reversed so can leptin resistance. It's all through a lifestyle change and by using a Hart Ketogenic Plan you'll suceed.

If you are the person who constantly eats almost all day long, you probably can't believe that you will be able to say "don't want any more" "no thanks" "I'll skip dinner today, I am simply not hungry" Yes this is a fantastic lifestyle change - and we'll help you get there.