What is Metabolism? It's a big one for a start - and often blaimed or misunderstood.

Many people out there are saying - "I can't lose weight because my metabolism is slow". Are you one of them? This is more common with women.

Your metabolism is the way that chemical processes in your body cause food to be used in an efficient way, for example to make new cells and to give you energy.

The bigger you are (fat and obese) and the more muscles you have - the higher your metabolism is. The body has to work so much harder, therefore it needs more energy. If you are one of many who've eaten less just to lose weight, you have probably noticed that you stall your weight loss within a few days. This is because the body gets used to less energy and simply adapts. This does not lead to weight loss. The problem is if you increase your caloric intake you will actually gain weight because the body got used to surviving on less energy. If you compensate by eating even fewer calories you are facing a starvation mode, not healthy! This is common when eating low fat high carb diets. You are simply not going to get the nutrients and energy your body needs to survive, thrive and keep you healthy.

So where should we look for solutions? Control your Insulin as well as your Stress/ Cortisol

The hormonal changes associated with a low carbohydrate/ ketogenic diet include a reduction in the circulating levels of insulin along with increased levels of glucagon. Insulin is the FAT hormone. When present in large numbers (after eating bread, sugar and other carbs) it stops fat burning and encourages fat storing.

Stress/ Cortisol sends signals to your liver to produce blood sugar, which in turn releases more insulin, and this is regardless of eating ANYTHING! This is a very severe spiral to obesity and poor health, and sincerely needs to be tackled.

The hart Ketogenic Plan WILL reduce insulin in your body, you will reach the state of being insulin sensitive which is the optimal state of a healthy body.

Stress on the other hand is more difficult to tackle. We are not psychologists at the clinic, but we'll help you as much as we can on this one. You may also have sleep deprivation which is a sign of stress. If you eat real food and turn your body in to a very efficient machine, giving it all tools necessary, we are sure you will combat these issues.