What are triglycerides?

Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) in your blood. High tryglycerides will most certainly cause serious illnesses including stroke, heart disease and atherosclerosis, a potentially serious condition where arteries become clogged with fatty substances.

In fact we believe that high tryglycerides are the biggest cuase to above diseases and not cholesterol.

High triglyceride is almost universally related to dietary intake of sugar/ carbohydrates as well as fat (only if you eat carbs in combination with fat - the two together should be avoided as much as possible).

Let's go back a few years

Your body, through evolution, is not designed to eat a high carb diet and certainly not the amount of sugar which is consumed today. Today we eat the wrong foods, we also eat too much and too often. Any surplus which your body doesn't need, regardless of macronutrient, is stored as fat/ triglyceride.

The irony of today is the recommendation to eat low fat and high carb. The winds are changing, and it's not surprising - albeit slowly. Low fat products are in fact high fat/ bad fat products. Instead of fat, these products contain a lot of sugar and other carbs. You are led to be live they are low fat, it's the complete opposite, your body WILL convert excess sugar and other carbs into fat/ triglycerides. These foods will also lower your GOOD cholesterol HDL. Very dangerous spiral.

We never used to eat these amounts of sugar/ carbs. You have been fooled by the food manufacturers with their advertising assuming low fat is good. Any food using carbs is cheap to manufacture, and your tooth loves it, you can also become dependant on it. Your body doesn't like it, and you are putting stress on your body year after year, it will eventually say enough is enough. These carbs ARE stored as fat/ triglycerides and they WILL cause diseases - you take your pic. There are today more than 100 autoimmune diseases

Let's look at triglycerides two ways

If you are overweight or obese, you have had a large amount of triglycerides in your system on a daily basis. Not needed carbs, for your daily energy needs, have been converted to triglycerides and subsequently stored as fat. One gram of fat has 9 calories, one kilo 9,000 calories. If you are 50 kilos overweight, you have a storage of 450,000 calories available. When are you planning on using it?

When you start losing weight by using Slimming World & WW, using a fat free low calorie diet, you will indeed start using your stored fat, however, before used as energy, the fat is converted back to triglycerides and the body can now start using that fat. However, and this is important, your bran CANNOT utilize that energy since it's fat. There is a barrier in the brain called the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) which stops fat from getting into the brain. How are you going to get enough energy for your brain. You simply won't! And the brain needs about 25% of your daily energy just to work properly. You will get tired, and no doubt get brain fog.

Because you are on a restricted diet where calorie intake is low, your liver will at night, whilst asleep, produce ketones from your stored fat (this energy is now water soluble). Yes you are on a ketogenic diet at night. This saves you, your brain needs energy. However as soon as you wake up, andl have your carbohydrate loaded breakfast, and you are kicked out of ketosis.

Note if you use a low calorie diet, your metabolism adjusts, and can easily survive on let's say 1,000 calories a day, even less. Once your body gets used to low energy intake, it simply adjusts, and once you start eating more calories, if you come off the diet, you will of course gain the weight back. Unless of course, you continue eating 1,000 calories a day for the rest of your life.....An under functioning metabolism/ thyroid can last for up to 6 years. You have been warned.

If you adopt a ketogenic diet your stored fat will indeed again be turned into triglycerides. So initially you will actually have large triglyceride levels. However once you become fat adapted, this is when the body prefers to use fat as energy, when your liver turns triglycerides into ketones, your health and your metabolism work totally differently. The body, and especially the brain, love living on ketones. You will not get brain fog and your energy levels will skyrocket. You will not suffer from negative metabolic problems, and of course any autoimmune disease will be stopped and some even reversed. You don't count calories on a Ketogenic Diet - also it is a lifestyle change, actually not a diet.

What is the solution? How can you lower triglycerides?

It is one of the most easy and straightforward problems to correct with proper diet alone, NO medication. Tryglyceride loss is dramatic and they will be lowered/ totally controlled in a matter of weeks, if the proper low glycemic, no grain anti-aging diet, is followed such as the Hart Ketogenic Plan.

Start with eliminating sugar and all grain products. This includes wheat, rye, barley, potato, bread, rice and most fruits. Substitute with low glycemic vegetables. Eat moderate protein and use good fats.

Please contact our Clinic and we'll help you on your road back to health and longevity.