Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis


Your biggest organ, your skin, is under attack.

At the Hart Keto Clinic we have studied long and hard about skin conditions. However there is a plethora of advise, some completely contradicting one another.

Our conclusion is to stay away from inflammatory foods, as per usual. Some people have got better cutting out dairy, whilst for others it has helped eating it.

Which foods are inflammatory?

Any foods which have a carb content of more than 5 grs per 100 grs
Vegetable/ seed oils (high in omega 6)

Teenage spots - There is no such thing as teenage spots. This can be devastating for many young people resulting in horrible scaring on the face which stays with you for the rest of your life. This is a reaction by your immune system and you are 1) oversensitive/ intolerant to wheat 2) intolerant to gluten 3) you simply eat to much inflammatory foods (crisps and chips). Or indeed a mix of all three.

For children who have eczema, the reason for this is likely to be as above. Instead of using creams recommended by your GP, which may have side effects, give the child real food.

If you follow the Hart Ketogenic Plan we can almost guarantee you your skin conditions will ease and get better in only a few days. Antioxidants are incredibly important as well as Omega 3, which is our basic recommendation anyway.

Possibly having a nice warm bath with Epsom salt could help.

It is not recommended to use most creams, they have a tendency to worsen situations. Also shampoos, soap and other cleaning products should be limited. Buy organic, kind to skin products.