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If you want to book an appointment through Skype, our address is Hart Ketogenic Clinic Limited. Currently we do not see clients in person, only via phone or Skype due to Covid 19.

When you book an appointment with us the following services will be included (but are voluntary) -

  • Full personal identification of your needs based and your personal circumstances, gender and age. We will give you an extensive plan, in writing, which will include advice on supplements such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It will also include menu suggestions to make your journey into a Healthy Lifestyle as simple as possible

Please note appointments have to be made 48 hours in advance. The clinic may offer weekend appointments. You can book your appointment by phone on 07729 317 366.

Consultation fee has to be paid at the start of your appointment. We accept the majority of all credit cards and of course all debit cards. Cancellations need to be made no later than 48 hours in advance. If appointment is not cancelled within this period, the consultation fee will be due for payment.


30 minutes appointment £50
If you have knowledge of low carb/ keto diets this time may be suffiecient for you. You may have tried it in the past but failed because of lack of knowledge or support.

60 minutes appointment £85* If you have Alzheimer's, Diabetes type 2 or any other Autoimmune disease you need at least an hour's appointment. There is a lot to learn about what happens in your body and how to heal it. We sincerely recommend a two hours appointment so that you walk out of the Clinic with confidence that you start your journey to healing your body and of course, to a healthier life.


Can you go it alone? Or do you need expert advise?

We offer a facility to help and mentor you long term - Hart Keto Coaching.

You can for example have slots over a period of 3 months where you will see us for an hour* the first month and twice a month, 30 minutes, the remaining two months, so 5 appointments. They need to be booked in advance. The fee for this is £235 a saving of £50. It doesn't matter where you live in the world. We can use Skype to easily communicate.

* This includes an enormous amount of written advise, based on your condition/s. If you have Dementia/ Alzheimer's, please make sure you have another person who comes along with you to the appointment or sits along your side if Skype is used.

Use this Form if you wish to book your appointment online PRESS HERE This link takes you to another secure website. After you have filled it in and submitted it, go back to this website by pressing back on top of your browser,