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The end of Alzheimer's
Dr Dale Bredesen

The Ketogenic Bible
Dr Jacob Wilson & Ryan Lowery PhD

Keto Answers
Anthony Gustin DC MS & Chris Irvin MS

Fat for Fuel
Dr Joseph Mercola

Dr Joseph Mercola

Tripping over the Truth
Travis Christopherson MS

The new body type guide
Eric Berg DC

Keto reset diet
Mark Sisson

The Keto Cure
Professor Jürgen Foreman

The Plant Paradox
Dr Steven Gundry

Nina Teicholz
The Big Fat Surprise (This is a MUST read)

Dr Malcolm Kendrick
The Great Cholesterol Con

And many more

INTERNET (this is how a keto diet can help with COPD and emphysema)“eat-fat,-cut-the-carbs-and-avoid-snacking-to-reverse-obesity-and-type-2-diabetes-”.html,%20Ketogenic%20Diet%20versus%20a%20Low-Fat%20Diet%20To%20Treat%20Obesity%20and%20Hyperlipidemia.pdf,-say-researchers-91560717.html (UK only) THIS IS A FREE BOOK ABOUT CHOLESTEROL - VERY INTERESTING MERYL STREEP THE MOVIE CHARLIE


Virtually every cell in the body can use glucose for energy. In contrast, only liver cells break down fructose. What happens to fructose inside liver cells is complicated. One of the end products is triglyceride, a form of fat. Uric acid and free radicals are also formed.