Weight Loss


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Weight loss by using the Hart Ketogenic Plan

Many, many have spent their lives dieting, and just gained all weight back. Miserable hard existence. Why is it so difficult? Lack of time, stress, easily available foods from many convenient outlets, unfortunately serving foods which are dreadfully bad for you, and which also makes you hungry a short time later. Also these "foods" are causing all diseases we are faced with in the world today. It is often referred to as the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). And it's spreading like wildfire.

Are you the sort of person who can look at a glass of water and gain a pound overnight? You are not alone.

The first priority is to STOP hunger. A lot of people can eat any amount even when not hungry, this is of course a serious issue, and it shows you are Leptin resistant. At the same time a lot of people eat foods, even when not hungry (again) because they are sad and miserable because they have gained weight. So this is the first issue you have to tackle.

The Hart Ketogenic Plan is a lifestyle change - not a diet. Refined carbs such as wheat are not allowed. This then means that wheat based bread and pasta as well as rice are all excluded. These "foods" are also very low in nutrients, just based on that they should be omitted in any diet.

Low carb vegetables are of course included, and it is endless what you can create using these ingredients. PRESS HERE for a suggestion on recipes.

When you come and see us, you will be given a comprehensive list on how much of each macronutrient you should eat. Also a list of possible supplements you can take depending on your age and current health.

If you have an eating disorder and cannot stop eating, below is for you.

If you could start slowly and eat ANY amount of bacon and egg, yes any amount the first few days and as often as you like, and no other foods or sugary drinks, could you do that? If you can, then we have a good start. This sounds ridiculous, but it isn't. We have to get over that threshold of wanting to eat constantly. Yes the first few days you are allowed, but believe it or not on the third day you will simply not get hungry and you'll eat less. This is where the ketogenic diet is superior to any other diet


As you learn more of what you can eat, and we are here to help you, you will find that the foods you can eat on a keto diet are gorgeous, filling and most importantly extremely healthy.

The Hart Keto (ketogenic) Plan is medium to high in good fats, sufficient in protein and very low carb (only slow carbs from vegetables containing no more than 5grs of carbs per 100grs). It sounds hard, but in fact it isn't, you will soon see that. When you come and visit, we'll work together with you, to maximize your success and long term goals.

Of course if you have type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, migraine, fibromyalgia and any other autoimmune disease as well as high blood pressure - these will all benefit from our Plan and will automatically be corrected/ lowered.

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